Sam Bekt On His Collab with Rubber – “Vitamin E”


By Taylor Davies



Rubber is a Philly-based writing/producing duo developed by Andrew Loper and John Della Franco during their time studying at Temple University in 2017. Since then, Rubber has released their debut EPs Rubber Baby and Buggy Bumpers, along with a series of singles, serving as an introduction to the colorful and wild minds of the duo, spanning the emotional spectrum.

Experimental pop artist Sam Bekt, also known as “Boochie Boy”, brews kombucha to the beat of his own drum. While touring the world drumming for rock outfit Remo Drive, Bekt samples his surroundings to use in his own creations. Based in Philly, Bekt is a devout Eagles fan and active tennis player. Now sit back, crack a sprite, and click here to relax to the whinnies of a deaf horse.


Sam Bekt – on set of the music video


Meet Sam Bekt

My story is about discovering my love for music first as a drummer. After solidifying a successful drum career playing in bands such as Remo Drive, Oolong, and JANK, I experimented with new ways to express my love for music. “Sam Bekt” is essentially my outlet for externalizing the songs and sounds I hear in my head. I like to let a song (or feature, in this case) flow out of me as instinctively and organically as possible, in an attempt to create the truest sounds I can achieve. I was playing drums as early as 6 years old but didn’t start making music until 2016. I got started by drumming for multiple bands and touring in 2016. When I got home I wanted the exact opposite, something drum-less and light. My first release was born, “Rose Colored Glasses”, where I first started experimenting with producing and writing my own songs. It was this record where I developed my minimalist, straight-forward style of delivering songs and melodies. With each release I have, my music starts to sound more and more like who I truly am and what I want to leave with the world.

This collab originated from me offering to drum for Rubber via Instagram DM, which led them to discover my 2019 solo album “Selfie”. After digging my solo music, they expressed interest in working on a track together, to which I’d be a fool to deny! The rest is history.


What does “Vitamin E” represent?


“Vitamin E” physically represents the toxic chemical in weed dab pens, I’m sure Rubber would have a deeper metaphorical explanation. In my verse, “Vitamin E” was also metaphorically representing something in one’s life they know is bad for them or could potentially end up harming them, but they do it anyway because it feels good or gives instant gratification.

“Vitamin E” is a genre-bending, sexy bop perfect for a late-night stroll with a flask of something strong, a stream-of-consciousness-lyrical-rollercoaster.


Rubber, photo by Luke O’Brian


Was “Vitamin E” written and produced during quarantine? What’s your process for writing and producing music? 

I think so, I know Andrew (from Rubber) wrote the lyrics before we made the instrumental. The instrumental was made entirely during quarantine and my verse was written during quarantine too. We made it relatively quick in Rubber’s home studio. The instrumental process was very unfiltered and intuitive which I liked, not overthinking things.

My personal process for writing and producing music is very loop/layer-based. I fiddle around with my guitar or a sample I like which leads to looping and layering parts until a song starts to take shape. I always start with melodies and deciding what consonant sounds sound good over an instrumental and then I generate lyrics and meaning.



Tell us about the music video

The music video was SO much fun to do with Rubber and Luke O’Brien on video camera. Rubber scouted out locations they thought fit with the song: walking through parts of South Philly, the Italian Market at night, and an ACME parking lot. The rest was aided by healthy swigs of Fireball and tequila, great supplies make for a good music video!


What do you hope to achieve with your music? 

I hope to achieve a sense of sharing with my music. I feel like many can relate to the feeling of recording a quick song idea on your phone, listening back, and being like “okay, no one but me will like this”, but to achieve that feeling of releasing your music and having people tell you they dig it is the coolest feeling in the world. One goal of mine would be to get signed and to create music good enough that a label approaches me and wants to help.


Sam Bekt

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