UARTS Radio is an online radio station and blog bringing you the latest in arts, culture, and music. This site is supported by the University of the Arts School of Music’s Music Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (MBET) program in Philadelphia, PA.

The UArts Radio and Blog is comprised of several students that contribute and maintain the blog, as well as faculty advisors from the University of the Arts.


Domenyka Sarauz – Blog Editor (dsarauz@uarts.edu)

Ryn Hearing – Blog & UARTS Radio Newsletter contributor (lhearing@uarts.edu)


Banaias Cason – Radio talent advisor/Operations liaison (bcason@uarts.edu)

Liz Jiacopello – Talent Scout/Data Management (ejiacopelllo@uarts.edu)

Nick Iacobelli- Radio Show/On Air Personality (niacobelli@uarts.edu)

Ben Terwilliger – Radio Show/On Air Personality (bterwilliger@uarts.edu)


Michael Johnson – Director of the Music Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Program at UARTS (mjohnson@uarts.edu)

Stephen Cirino – Senior Lecturer at UARTS and CEO of Future MGMT (scirino@uarts.edu)

Jacob Folk – Music Technology Supervisor and Radio/Blog Advisor (jfolk@uarts.edu)

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