CMJ Spring 2024 Music Journal

For their Spring 2024 final, students in MBET 180 Contemporary Music Journalism put together the inaugural Music Journal featuring reviews, interviews, essays, and more. Check out the online edition here.

Nostalgia, Cowboys, and Aquatic Vibes: Inside the Creative World of Harry Brubaker

An Interview by Aidan Samuel Today, we got to sit down and dive deep into the mind of the one and only Harry Brubaker, a 22-year-old music producer, songwriter, singer, and instrumentalist studying at The University of the Arts. Hailing from Rockledge, PA, Harry’s journey unfolds through his ventures and

Interview With Alexandra Guerra

By Sophia Romick Alexandra Guerra is a second-year Bachelor of Music student with a concentration in vocal performance at Penn State University. In the spring of 2023, the soprano performed the role of Mother Gerald in a fully staged production of Poulenc’s Dialogues of the Carmelites with Penn State Opera

Interview with Cold Court

by Will Vani I remember where I was when I first heard Cold Court, it was early March in a house show venue called “Luigi’s Mansion.” Just from hearing their first song, I knew they were something special. Ever since this 7-piece band has continued to make waves across the

An Interview with Fair Game

by Charlotte Horansky  Fair Game is a genre blended project created by Will Sawyer and released their debut album Ponyboy on February 23rd, 2024. The short album packs seven songs in fifteen minutes and captures idle teen spirit and the essence of ‘coming of age’ movies. Though they are a

Michael Pogudin And His Lost Tales of Philly

A story by UArts and for UArts by Carson Phillips Today I sat down with Michael Pogudin, a composition student here at the University of the Arts, to get a deeper look into his upcoming album, Lost Tales of Philly, and his generosity behind it. Before getting into the interview,

Breaking Into Music & Having Fun Doing It: A Conversation With Ashleigh Chiang (aka @sh)

By Tori Lewis | @victoria_camille5  Breaking into the industry with her first single release, coming out on November 25, is Ashleigh Chiang, MBET Major at UArts. Her debut single “Don’t Care What We Do” is fully produced by Chiang herself, with vocals by Albert Tang of UArts.  Growing up and

Building Community & Bridging The Gaps of the DIY Scene: A Conversation With @HOUSESHOWPHILLY

By Isaac Finn (@ifinn_flavorlessgum) Edited by Olivia Paranich (@lamechica) The Philadelphia DIY scene is a complex network of bands, hosts, and fans, all eager for the raw energy you can only experience at a house show. One force that actively embraces the community is Amanda McCormick of @houseshowphilly. With an

The Blooming Psychedelic Scene: A Conversation With @philadelphiapsychedelic

by Olivia Paranich | @lamechica I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Kyle Ciarrocchi, the mind behind the Philadelphia Psychedelic Instagram page, and a dedicated participant in the Philadelphia scene. Keep reading to learn more about the collective and what they’re up to. Olivia: what inspired you to start

Everything Distorted, Cuz That’s How I Really Feel: A Conversation with biichftt

by Nolan Moss aka donttrustlando N: Could you introduce yourself? How would you describe what you do? B: I’m Lesli, I make music as biichftt, it’s kinda weird electronic, angsty stuff. I’m leaninginto visuals and editing as well now, just trying to broaden my horizons into othercreative things. N: Right off

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