Get to Know Obsidian Studios

Obsidian Studios is a new record label and recording studio in South Philadelphia, representing artists from the greater Northeast U.S. and employing sound engineers from all over the country. They opened the studio for production in mid 2020 and have had artists recording every hour of every day since. Obsidian has provided a safe, clean space during the global pandemic for artists to go to work. The studio creatives have amassed over 50 million streams, working with artists from SimxSantana to YELLOW CLAW to PnB Rock.

The founder Grayson Cedrone (GtheShep), provided us some additional context about the studio. 

Why did you choose the city of Philadelphia to build your studio opposed to music hotspots like New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles?

I’m from here, I came up in the music scenes around here. Even though I had offers for L.A., Atlanta, Miami, and New York, and I have living experience in a few of those cities, doing it in the area I came up in was advantageous because I’m close to the community.   

How have you adapted the process of recording during the pandemic?

Honestly it’s not too much different than before. It was almost better for the overall cleanliness of the studio because our staff started working with the expectation of cleaning every hour of every day. We also have adjusted how many people we allow in the studio at one time. 

Who are some of the notable names that have recorded in your studio and how did those sessions come about?

Some of the guys I worked with the closest are D4M Sloan, Lil Zack, and OZ Sparks. I have a reputation in the city and I met these guys bouncing around different crews and studios. Philly’s music scene is tight knit so if you have a name it’s easier to do work. 

Philly is known for the creatives that reside here. What is the best process of being a part of your team from a creative standpoint?

We have the ability to cater to any dream an artist could possibly have. To make that happen, we own the best equipment for audio, video, and photos. Having access to this equipment, software, and talent in one spot is unparalleled in Philly. 

How can our readers get in touch with the studio?
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