What You Need to Know About Session No. 1


By: Stephen Cirino      Editor: Taylor Davies



Session No. 1 is a platform dedicated to supporting, promoting, and uplifting young, local, and upcoming artists through live concerts, shows, networking events, and more! Session No. 1’s main goal is to create safe spaces for artists of all kinds to network, collaborate, and share their artistry. Session No. 1 was founded and is currently run by Khemie Medina (Junior Vocal Performance Major, MBET Minor) and Chae Harris (Junior Vocal Performance/MBET Double Major).




Session No. 1 was founded in the Spring of 2019 and had its first-ever show in August of 2019. Since then, Session No. 1 has put on a total of 5 shows showcasing over 50 upcoming artists from Philly, New Jersey, and Delaware, providing paid gigs for featured artists as well as upcoming videographers, photographers, graphic designers, and audio engineers.


Since the pandemic began, Session No. 1 has continued its work supporting local artists through Instagram Live concerts, curated playlists featuring music from local artists, Instagram Live interviews with industry professionals, and various promotional virtual events. As Session No. 1 grows and expands, they plan to continue supporting upcoming artists through their events and gradually build a team of industry professionals in order to offer more services specifically for artist development!


You can support Session No. 1 on Instagram!


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