Philadelphia Acoustic Night

The “Brotherly Love” Philadelphia prides itself upon has always been prevalent in the realm of the arts, where creatives have historically forged myriad opportunities for musical communities to come together. Fingerstyle guitarist Landon Herock (‘19), is doing just that with his upcoming “Philadelphia Acoustic Night” Series in South Philly.

With a healthy mix of R&B, Jazz, and Neo-soul jams around the city, Landon was hungry for these types of events within his own niches of fingerstyle guitar and acoustic music. Having spent his first year of college at Belmont University, Landon recalls the Nashville music scene as “oversaturated with acoustic music”, and poses the question: “why hasnʼt that market arrived in Philadelphia? In Philly I see a lot of music, but not a lot of acoustic music.” After bouncing ideas off of his guitar teacher, Matt Davis, Landon decided to create this series with the “intention of creating a space that keeps the intimacy of acoustic music at heart”. He adds, “I want to spotlight smaller artists, and bring a sense of community to them, and the Philadelphia area as a whole.”  

Planning beyond the debut performance night, Landon indulges that “the Series will feature 3-4 musical acts each month”, hoping to premier stripped-down and intimate sets of a few local bands in July, as well as a Singer-Songwriter evening down the line. “Philly Acoustic Night can be anything we want it to in the realm of acoustic music, so there is a lot to expand upon and develop.” With the knowledge that interest in this niche may surpass the capacity of his South Philly rowhome, Landon looks towards the possibility of moving the event to a local venue after this summer.

“More than anything, I want to bring a different type of music to the Philly scene, and share the love I have of this music with my community and my peers.”

The debut “Philadelphia Acoustic Night” will take place on Wednesday, May 8th at 2419 S. Rosewood St., Philadelphia. Doors open at 7:30pm with a $5 suggested donation. Performances begin at 8:00.

Special guest artist Forest Bailey (, @forestbaileymusic) will be headlining with some lush fingerstyle guitar, along with Landon Herock himself (@landonherock) and singer-songwriter Hayley Dare (, @hayley.dare) opening the evening.

Photo by Lisa Schaffer Photography

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