Friday Firsts: “Poison” by Diana Is Calling


By Stephen Cirino   Editor: Taylor Davies



Brought together by Melanie Juliano, the lead singer/songwriter, Diana Is Calling found its roots in Philadelphia at The University of The Arts, where their jazz training blossomed into friendship and genuine respect for each other’s artistry. Their collection of music is eclectic in style but is tied together through genuine storytelling, jazz influence, and their chemistry together as a band.



The music and lyrics for “Poison” were written by frontwoman Melanie Juliano and the production was done by Bryan Cowan, but the group as a whole really brought it to life and pushed the song to the more metal side in rehearsals. We knew that the intro was going to be stripped down with just vocals, keys, bass clarinet, and Tom Spiker’s drum machine from Undercarriage Recording in Philly. Tom helped us take it to another level by helping us feedback on the intro through a Critter and Guitari Kaleidoloop.


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